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HD90G-RE Goat Rapid Exit Parallel Milking Parlour

The HD90G-RE Goat Rapid Exit Parallel Milking Parlour provides you with a high quality, engineered solution for a reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a basic parlour or complete automation, this parlour can cater for you.

Key Features

Efficient and productive

A batch milking system to help streamline your process.

High puthrough

Fast exit ensures high throughput rate.

Good cluster position

Optimal udder position for cluster attachment.

Automation options

Different levels of automation available.

Modular and future proof

No need to constantly replace with newer models.


All features are completely customisable.

The ATL HD90G-RE Goat Rapid Exit Parallel Milking Parlour provides a high quality and engineered solution for milking large milking herds efficiently. The HD90G-RE is the ideal parlour for maximising space, minimising goat and operator walking distance, and keeping the pit free of clutter.

Stallwork Features
Heavy duty 90 degree parallel, fast exit stallwork manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel.
The animals are located at 375mm centres.
Compressed air operated entry and exit gates.
Flipper gates lock in position automatically using push-pull mechanism.
High quality, engineered solution manufactured in the UK.
Milk, Washline & Filter Features
316-grade stainless steel milk and wash line.
Option of 2 inch (50.8mm OD) or 2.5 inch (63.5mm OD) milk line.
Pit wall mounted lines.
Packo and tri-clover connection fittings.
Option of silicone milk tube and PVC pulse tubes or rubber milk tubes and pulse tubes.
Compressed air purge of milk delivery line.
Clean in place (CIP) jetters.
Option of 2 inch (63mm OD) or 3 inch (89mm OD) vacuum line in white PVC
Option of 2 inch (63mm OD) or 3 inch (89mm OD) clean air line in white PVC
Cluster Features
Fully plastic claw piece.
Circular shape and 172ml bowl.
The transparent bowl offers high visibility and impact resistance.
No turbulence, or milk accumulation.
Silicone liner for longevity.
10mm ID short milk tube.
7.6mm ID short pulse tube.
Option of simultaneous or alternate pulsation.
Large bowl volume and 10mm ID short milk tube.
Promotes good udder health.
Automation Options
Cluster removers.
Parlour automatic identification.
Stainless steel vertical ACR cylinder with option of lift to start.
Milk meters.
Variable speed milk pump(s).
Vacuum pump options.
Variable speed vacuum pump(s).
Herd management software.
Automatic plant washer.

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