MM60 Milk Meter

The MM60 milk meter includes milk yield measurement (± 5%), conductivity measurement, milking time, and graphical LED windows for expected milk yield, expected conductivity and expected milking time. It connects to the Micro M5 parlour control and Cowculator M5 PC software.

Control Features
Simple numeric display of milk yield (litres), milking time (minutes:seconds) and highest conductivity (mS – millisiemens)
6 keys – automatic milking, manual milking, wash, left, right and warning flags
Simple, bright 2 x 8 LCD display
3 graphical LED windows for expected milk yield (MY), expected conductivity (MC) and expected milking time (MT) – requires Micro M5 control
8 LED windows for auto milking, pulsation, ACR, milk flow, conductivity milking, retention bar, data and dump line
2 automatic milking modes – 1 time-based cluster removal and 1 sensor-based cluster removal
3 manual milking modes (ACR disabled, conductivity pull off disabled, ACR and conductivity disabled).
Accurate milk yield measurement (± 5%).
Accurate milk flow measurement for ACR removal.
Full pulsation control – 30 to 180 pulses per minute (ppm) and 35% to 75% ratios including pulsation stop – pulsator only on when milking or washing.
Stimulation pulsation.
Washing pulsation – runs pulsation frequency at lower rate during washing to reduce liner wear
User programmable wash time.
Wash time elapsed and remaining displayed (minutes:seconds).
User set conductivity warning and pull off levels
User selectable ACR pull off milk flow and time.
Lift to start ACR input / swing to start input.
Automatic idle after user selectable period of inactivity.
Milk sweep / purge.
Small form factor, allowing for easy installation into existing parlours.
Suitable for all herd / flock sizes of cows, sheep and goats.
Suitable for abreast, tandem, herringbone, parallel or rotary parlours.
Ability to lower clusters below the bridge on rotary parlours.
Total litres of milk measured per milking for each milk meter can be displayed and added together to easily check calibration.
M2 communications bus – enables all MM60 controls to be put into milk or wash from MM Hub and animal data to be sent / received from Micro M5
Warning flags can be set and acknowledged against each animal using the flag key
If using time-based cluster removal can change the milking time for all points from 1 control
Top up feed (TuF) allows operator to top up feed from the milk meter control.
Dump line changeover
Suitable for cows, sheep and goats
Suitable for high or low level parlours
Graphical display via LED windows of expected milk yield (MY), expected conductivity (MC) and milking time (MT) – each window flashes red if expected values not met during milking for easy diagnosis of problems by the operator
Hub Features
MM Hub puts all MM60 and MM80 milk meter controls into wash, milk or idle modes – milk mode lifts all the clusters ready for attachment
User settable global wash time for all MM60 and MM80 milk meters
Hub displays total yield for milking so can correlate against the milk tank
Hub can also control wash slugger air and water valves, compressed air purge of the milk delivery line and auto drain valve
Graphical display via LED windows of time elapsed on air blast water valve (ABW), air blast air (ABA) and compressed air purge (CAP)
Displays vacuum level when connected to ATL variable speed vacuum system
Flask Features
Manufactured from polysulfone for excellent mechanical strength and chemical and temperature resistance.
Dumping milk meter – plunger on diaphragm lift to open outlet and empty milk when milk reaches top probe. It then falls to close outlet and enable flask to fill with milk again.
Each dump is approximately 200ml.
Milk Inlet – 15mm ID, 19mm OD.
Milk Outlet – 18mm ID, 22mm OD.
No electronic parts with milk meter – simple design ensures low service costs.

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