Cow Automations

Find out all about out cow automations and why they're such a good option for you!


Why automation?

To achieve maximum efficiency, productivity and profitability with herds numbering in the hundreds requires knowing detailed information on each and every animal.

The ATL system for cows uses radio frequency identification (RFID) and milk measurement technology to capture detailed information on the performance of each and every animal.

The information is stored in a computer program and is used to produce all the reports required to make decisions about each and every animal individually.

The only timely and cost effective way for reliably achieving this is to automatically collect the data.

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What components make up the system?

The ATL system uses RFID transponders and milk measurement devices to collect detailed information on the performance of each and every animal. The components are:

What are the benefits of the system?

Reduces labour required for milking

The automatic identification of each animal, feeding during milking, storing of milk yields and the removal of clusters means that the milker can concentrate on milking the animals. The ATL system does the rest. Improving efficiency by reducing labour.

Reduces labour required for animal selection

The automatic selection of animals not only improves efficiency by reducing labour requirements, but the fast and easy selection of animals post milking also means group based feeding regimes can be utilised, improving feeding efficiency and productivity.

Increases productivity

The system identifies under-productive animals in the herd, allowing the farmer to see which animals are productive and making money, and which are not and are costing money. Culling decisions are easier, increasing the productivity of each animal and the profitability of the business.

Improves breeding and genetics

The system captures detailed milk yield information on each animal, and along with the parental information, the genetic improvement of animals and the herd can be achieved. High yielding milking cows can be selected and productivity and profitability increased.

Improves feeding efficiency during & post milking

The ability to automatically identify each animal, allows them to be fed an individual ration during milkings. Also being able to automatically select animals post milking allows high yielders to be target fed a different ration from the rest of the milking herd if using total mixed ration (TMR) or individual feeding using an out of parlour feeding system.

Every animal is treated individually

The system captures detailed information on each animal and gives the farmer the ability to treat each animal as an individual even in herds of over a thousand animals. This improves animal welfare as health issues can be noticed by the system before the usual visual indicators are noticed.

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