Variable Speed Milk Pump Control

The ATL Variable Speed Milk Pump Control is designed to make milk pumping more efficient and milk cooling more effective. The Variable Speed Milk Pump Control helps the preservation of the milk quality by eliminating a start and stop process.


The Variable Speed Milk Pump Control from ATL is a simple and easy to use control which maximises the efficiency of cooling and delivering the milk to the tank. It provides more consistent and efficient transportation of the milk using less energy than standard milk pumps. The system is programmable and it’s versatility provides an excellent method of cooling and extracting the milk for all types and size of milking parlour.

The variable speed milk pump control allows for a more efficient pre-cooling of the milk.
The milk is able to cool faster due to the constant flow rate through the plate cooler. This reduces the temperature of the milk which is entering the bulk tank.
Additionally, this reduces the milk cooling time in the bulk tank, allowing shorter compressor on times, which reduces energy consumption and cooling costs.
The slow, gentle and constant flow also preserves the milk quality when compared to the start and stop process of a standard milk pump control.
How it works
The system uses a multi-level float that provides up to 24 different speeds during the milking process. This allows the milk to be transported smoothly, increasing the chances of better quality milk.
Once the milking process has started, the milk pump will switch on at a slow speed to begin with, whilst the milk is at a low level inside the receiver.
The speed of the milk pump will only increase if the level of the milk rises causing the milk pump to pump at a higher frequency.
After milking the milk pump will run at its maximum speed during the wash cycle.

Please note that not all speeds can be used on smaller systems as the level that the float can reach will depend upon the size of the receiver and where the top level of the sensor has been set.

The control unit and inverter drive are located in separate enclosures to maximise the flexibility during the installation process.
The control unit connects to the plate cooler water valve and plate cooler bypass valve. This is to control the water flow that is travelling through the plate cooler to ensure that cooling water is not wasted.
Users are able to run the pump in automatic and manual mode whilst milking and washing from the control unit in the parlour.
There is also the option of compressed air purge of the milk delivery line from the control unit in the parlour.
The user is able to set the minimum and the maximum milk pump speeds to match the specification of the milk pump.
Inverter Unit
Available for 1 and 3 phase input systems, for motor sizes which are 0.75kW, 1.1kW, 1.5kW and 2.2kW.
The inverter unit includes a filter and choke in order to prevent electrical interference and is therefore suitable for use with 134.2kHz RFID systems.
LED’s provide a clear visual display which outlines the current frequency of the milk pump motor and other relevant information.
The system includes a manual run setting on the front of the inverter in an emergency.

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