Micro M5 Parlour Control

The Micro M5 is a simple and easy to use parlour control. It uses embedded technology to provide all the functionality and data storage required to run automation systems on herringbone, parallel and rotary milking parlours for cows, sheep and goats.

General Features
Memory can store up to 5,000 animals
6 digit alphanumeric animal numbers
Multiple attentions – milked, fed, hold milk, in heat, mastitis by quarter, test, dry, slow, low yield, manual, high conductivity, damaged teat per quarter, colostrum and antibiotic – optional animal already fed attention
Feeding and milking prevention on attentions
Optional audible attentions
Stainless steel mounting bracket and fixing kit included
Feeding and non-feeding versions available
Store milking data using MM range of milk meters
Automatically feed and store milk yields without keypad animal number entry using automatic identification
Automatically sort animals using the Pegasus drafting system
Connect to Cowculator M5 PC software to manage your animals, perform feed to yield and select animals for drafting from the comfort of your farm office
Connect to the internet and automatically backup your data and settings onto ATL’s cloud server
Milking Features
2 or 3 milkings per day
Connects to the CR35 cluster remover – stores milking start time, milking length and highest conductivity value
Connects to the MM range of milk meters – stores milking start time, milking length, milk yield, highest conductivity valve and stall number
Cowculator PC Software Additional Features
Manage your animals using feed and yield history over multiple lactation's
Monitor animals health and medicine use
Feed to yield and feeding based on days in milk
12/24vDC switching positive or negative feeders as standard
12-230vAC feeder switching voltage optional using Feeder Interface
Drives electric, vacuum or compressed air feeders
Electronic fuse detection with power supply failure warning
Drives 16 feeders per side as standard
Expandable to 100 feeders per side using Feeder Relay Extender Boxes

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