PowerFlush Backflush System

The ATL PowerFlush backflush system reduces labour by automatically cleaning the cluster after each and every cow is milked.

How it works

Step 1

The PowerFlush is a backflush system that helps prevent cross contamination by automatically cleaning the long milk tube, claw and liners after each cow has been milked

Step 2

The system is triggered when the cluster is removed by the ACR using either an electronic signal or vacuum sensor

Step 3

A water / peracetic acid mix is then introduced into the long milk tube, followed by a blast of compressed air, providing a vigorous flushing action cleaning the long milk tube, claw and liners

Step 4

The flushing cycle can be set to occur twice or three times;

Step 5

A final blast of compressed air removes the last of the water / peracetic acid mix and the cluster is ready to be attached to the next cow;

Step 6

It does not require a change to the liners and does not change operator routine or extend milking times as the process occurs automatically without any intervention.

System Features
Suitable for use with most types of parlour and most manufacturers systems fitted with ACRs or milk meters.
Electronic initiation as standard.
Vacuum initiation option means no wiring is required into the ACR control, removing any potential issues with ACR warranty.
A manual system is also available for parlours without ACRs or milk meters.
Control Unit
One control unit (node) installed at each point incorporating the electronics and compressed air and water solenoid valves.
The system is triggered when the cluster is removed by the ACR using either electronic signal or vacuum sensor.
The electronic signal version allows the clusters to be lowered during and post flushing to minimise water spray and give better draining of the cluster and long milk tube.
Clamp Valves
Two compressed air clamp valves.
One clamp valve completely shuts off the long milk tube during flushing and a second clamp valve completely shuts off the flushing tube during milking.
Both clamp valves use vacuum to remove clamp valve and fully open milk tube for milking and flushing.
A stainless steel pin provides a smooth surface for tubes to be clamped against.
Kit Benefits
Three stage coalescent compressed air filter to provide clean air for flushing.
Dosatron for accurate water / peracetic acid mix.
Y piece connects flushing tube into long milk tube.

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