Original Milk Meter

With an easy to use control panel is the Original Milk Meter comes with built-in ACR connection as standard, and swing-to-start or lift-to-start as an option. The system is easy to install using the plug and play wiring kit.It fully integrates into the Micro M3S and Cowculator 2010 PC software, allowing milk yields to be stored for multiple lactations and used for management purposes, as well as feeding to yield.

Control Features
Simple numeric display of milk yield (litres) and milking time (minutes:seconds)
6 keys – automatic milking, manual milking, wash, left, flags and right
Simple, bright 2 x 8 LCD display
Accurate milk yield measurement (± 5%)
Accurate milk flow measurement for ACR removal
User programmable wash time
Wash time remaining displayed on wash box (minutes:seconds)
User selectable ACR pull off milk flow and time
Automatic idle after user selectable period of inactivity
Milk sweep / purge
Suitable for all herd sizes (small or large)
Suitable for abreast, tandem, herringbone, parallel or rotary parlours
Plug and play wiring using cat5e cable
Highly configurable – all settings easily changeable
Easy and simple calibration
Data connection allows milk yield information to be sent to the Micro
M3S parlour control only and warning flags to be accessible from the milking point
Wash Box puts all Original milk meter controls into wash, milk or idle mode – milk mode lifts all the clusters ready for attachment
Wash Box displays total yield for milking so can correlate against the milk tank
Wash Box also can control wash slugger air and water valves, compressed air purge of the milk delivery line and auto drain valves
Suitable for high or low level parlours
Suitable for cows, sheep and goats
Flask Features
Manufactured from polysulfone for excellent mechanical strength and chemical and temperature resistance.
Dumping milk meter – plunger on diaphragm lift to open outlet and empty milk when milk reaches top probe. It then falls to close outlet and enable flask to fill with milk again.
Each dump is approximately 200ml.
Milk Inlet – 15mm ID, 19mm OD.
Milk Outlet – 18mm ID, 22mm OD.
No electronic parts with milk meter – simple design ensures low service costs.

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