Rotary Parlour Feeding

The rotary parlour feeder has been designed to deliver rations at high speed into the centre of mangers on rotary milking platforms.

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System Specifications

Twin herringbone feeders fill a dump box and optical sensors detect the correct position for the ration to be 'dumped' into the centre of the manger.

Heavy duty steel construction with stainless steel rivets, bushes and bolts used throughout for long, corrosion free life
Rolled edges for extra strength and safety
Nominal 12vDC motor, diodes pre-fitted, motor electrically isolated, common negative or positive, timed running, power supply entry through grommet on either side of feeder
Parts Supplied
Rotary parlour feeder and hopper / bin
Diaphragm valve
12vDC vacuum solenoid
Omron transmitter and receiver
Hanging chains
Not supplied but required are a vacuum supply to operate the diaphragm valve and an electric auger to deliver concentrate to the hopper / bin
Feeding to Yield
The rotary parlour feeder can be used in conjunction with the system to accurately deliver individual rations to each cow
Requires Micro M5

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