Pegasus Auto Drafter

Sort and segregate cows using the dedicated sorting flags from the Micro M5, milking point, ATL App, Cowculator PC software, or all four, completely automatically.  Uses HDX ear tags.

The system is available in two different versions - Intro and Pro - to cater for different customer requirements - and for 2-way and 3-way drafting.

Intro Version
Similar gate frame design to original Pegasus drafting gate frame
Includes cross braces between the two sides and compressed air cylinders are mounted on inside
Frame is bolt down to floor
Can include some or all the features of the Pro version depending upon customer requirements
Control boxes can be wall mounted or frame mounted
Available in 2-way or 3-way versions - fully upgradeable in future
Pro Version
Includes drafting gate frame, antenna shield, Texas gate, entry race, gate locks, and sensors
Similar gate frame design to original Pegasus drafting gate frame with cross braces and frame bolted to the floor. Compressed air operated.
Includes Texas gate to help increase sorting accuracy with smaller, faster moving cows
Automatic locks are provided on the drafting gates to prevent cows pushing back through
Sensors track the passage of cows through the system and an antenna shield prevents cows from having their ear tags re-read once they have exited the system
Available in 2-way or 3-way versions - fully upgradeable in future
System Features
Stress free sorting.
Uses low cost HDX ear tags
Sort cows from the milking pit, milking point, farm office, ATL App or Cowculator PC software
More than one drafting gate can be included in the system, allowing cows to be sorted in more than three directions
Sorting from the milking point requires the ATL CR35 cluster remover or MM milk meter controls
Heavy duty frame to cope with the rigours of drafting cows for many years
Frame Features
Robust construction using hot dipped galvanised steel
Compressed air operated drafting gate(s) with locks to prevent cows pushing back through post sorting
Sensors follow cows through system and close drafting gate behind them
Texas gate option for ultimate control
Antenna shield to prevent cows tags being re-read in antenna once they have been drafted
Control Features
Micro M5 parlour controls operate the system using attentions for sorting
Type in the cow’s number, set the cow to be sorted, and the cow is sorted
Connect to Cowculator PC software for once only and date based sorting
Integration with Tru-Test Active Tag, Cow Manager, and Smaxtec heat and health detection systems
Micro M5 parlour control for herds of up to 5,000 cows

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