Auto Feeder Control

The Auto Feeder Control is the new and improved version of the AutoXL control. It is a simple and easy to use ration feeder control.

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12/24vDC switching positive or negative feeders as standard
12-230vAC feeder switching voltage optional using Feeder Interface
Drives electric, vacuum or compressed air feeders
Electronic fuse detection with power supply failure warning
Drives 12 or 16 feeders per side as standard
Expandable to 32 feeders per side using Feeder Relay Extender Box
System Features

As the cows enter the parlour, you simply press the appropriate ration key for that cow. The ration is then delivered to the correct stall because the Auto automatically sets the stall and the side. One key press, it’s that simple. The Auto also remembers ration keys that have been pressed so there is no waiting for a feeder to finish before another ration can be entered.

Available with 16 feeder outputs per side
Feeds on both sides at the same time
Total showing amount of feed left in the feed bin
Low feed warning – alarms when feed left in feed bin drops below user set level
Ethernet communications
Comprehensive error reporting providing easy fault diagnosis
Individual or batch feeding
Batch stand-by feeding
Individual and global digital feeder calibration
Sequential or stored feeding modes
Totals showing the amount of feed fed during the milking, the number of cows fed during the milking, cumulative feed fed for all milkings and feed left in feed bin
Warning when feed left in bin reaches user set level
Detailed error reporting makes fault finding easy
Stainless steel mounting bracket and fixing kit included

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