Walkthrough Parlour Auto ID

The ATL Walkthrough Auto-ID system allows individual milk yields to be stored automatically, with just the flick of a switch.

Versions available for cows, sheep and goats.

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goat-parlour-walkthrough goat-walkthrough

Walkthrough Auto-ID System

The ATL walkthrough system is very simple to use. As the animals walk down the the entry race the antenna picks up the signal from a HDX tag carried by the animal.

No more animal number keying means you are ready to start milking as soon as the first animal is in the stall, saving valuable milking time.

System Features

  • Simple, accurate and easy to use
  • Automatically store milk yields when linked to milk meters
  • Uses low cost, battery free HDX electronic ear tags
  • Cost effective option for large parlours
  • Customisable to suit most herringbone and rotary milking parlours
  • Requires tag management procedure to ensure that animals tags are not missing
  • Good solution for parlours that are non-feeding for cows, goats and sheep
  • Entry races are required for the system to work efficiently

Entry Race Features

  • 2 metres in length, 400mm wide for goats
  • 2 metres in length, 500mm wide for sheep
  • 3 metres in length, 900mm wide for cows
  • The sizes declared above are average herd sizes, and are for guidance only. They should be checked against your animals