Stainless Steel Milk Filters

ATL stainless steel milk filters provide a high quality filtration system preventing unwanted segments getting to the bulk tank.

ATL milk filters are available in any size that is required and can be tailor made for you.
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ATL Stainless Steel Milk Filters


  • Designed for heavy duty filter sleeves
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Available in three different sizes; 360mm, 720mm and 1080mm
  • Stainless cage which ensures filter sleeve is efficient and held in place
  • Rubber sock keepers provided to hold filter sleeve
  • Stainless steel twist to tighten end caps for a tight fit with rubber seals
  • 360 version is suitable for up to 160 cows, 720 version is suitable for 304 cows and the 1080 version is suitable for 448 cows
  • Filters can be installed in pairs for more than 448 cows