Intro90 Cow Parlours

ATL are able to provide swingover and doubled up milking parlours suitable to meet the demands and efficiency of modern day dairy farming.

The Intro90 stallwork allows cows to stand at 90 degrees and 660mm centres.
hd90-cow-parlour hd90-cow-parlour-1 hd90-cow-parlour-2 hd90-cow-parlour-3 hd90-cow-parlour-4
  • Intro90 Swingover Parlour

    The ATL Intro90 Swingover parlour provides the user with efficient solutions to milking dairy herds milking one side at a time.

    The swingover parlour allows the user to switch from side to side once a cow has finished milking, the opposing side of cows can be milked, eliminating idle clusters.

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  • Intro90 Doubled Up Parlour

    The ATL Intro90 Doubled Up parlour provides the user with the ability to milk both sides at the same time.

    The doubled up parlour is the ideal solution for maximising space, minimising cow and operator walking distance, and keeping the pit free of clutter.

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