HDR Goat Rotary

The HDR external goat rotary provides you with a high quality, engineered solution for milking high number of goats per hour with minimal operators.

Automated solution which is suitable for milking herds of 1,000 plus goats.

HD90R Goat Rotary Milking Parlour

The HD90R goat rotary parlour provides you with a high quality, engineered solution for a reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a basic parlour or complete automation, this parlour can cater for you.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient and productive batch milking system
  • No waiting for all goats to finish milking ensures high throughput
  • Efficient labour usage
  • Cluster removal arm
  • Good cluster position
  • CIP cleaning
  • Different levels of automation available

Platform Features:

  • Heavy duty platform manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel
  • Available for 60, 72, 80, 90, 100 and 120 stalls
  • Platform diameters – 60 stall = 8,890mm, 72 stall = 10,600mm, 80 stall = 11,750mm, 90 stall = 13,200mm, 100 stall = 14,900mm and 120 stall = 17,770mm
  • Platform controlled by electric motors and rotates on nylon rollers
  • Each goat has a protected stall with galvanised steel divisions for comfort during milking
  • Stall divisions are mounted on the front, as opposed to the checker plate platform, leaving the platform free of obstructions, to aid washing down
  • There is no milking equipment between each goat standing, keeping the footprint to a minimum
  • There is a nylon head locking yoke that keeps each animal in their stall during milking
  • Individual stainless steel manger pans
  • The stalls have an outside width of 450mm and are tapered towards the centre of the platform
  • Galvanised steel entry and exit bridge allowing safe entry and exit of the goats from the platform
  • The entrance covers 1-2 stalls and includes a manually operated sliding gate between the entrance and holding pen to control flow
  • The exit is over 5 stalls and includes a pusher to help goats exit the platform
  • High quality, engineered solution

Cluster Control Arms:

  • Compressed air operated cluster control arms optimise the cluster removal position by maximising angle of pull and therefore removal of cluster
  • They also enable the rotary to be one person operation, as they allow the clusters to drop below the bridge efficiently, reducing cluster hang ups to a minimum
  • The system drops the clusters below the platform as goats enter and exit, preventing goats from getting caught up in the clusters

Centre Swivel Gland:

  • 5 port centre swivel gland
  • 1 x vacuum inlet, 2 x vacuum outlet, 1 x compressed air connection, 1 x milk delivery line connection, power and data connections
  • Stainless steel milk swivel gland

Milk, Wash and Vacuum Line Features:

  • 316-grade stainless steel 3 inch (76.2mm OD) milk line
  • 316-grade stainless steel 2 inch (50.8mm) wash line
  • 3 inch (76.2mm OD) or 4 inch (101.6mm OD) vacuum line in stainless steel
  • 3 inch (76.2mm OD) or 4 inch (101.6mm OD) clean air line in stainless steel
  • Tri-clover connection fittings
  • Option of silicone milk tube and PVC pulse tubes or rubber milk tubes and pulse tubes
  • Compressed air purge of milk delivery line
  • Lines and receiver mounted on outside of platform
  • Clean in place (CIP) jetters

Cluster Features:

  • Fully plastic claw piece
  • The circular shape and 172ml bowl ensure easy handling and rapid milk evacuation
  • The transparent bowl offers high visibility and impact resistance
  • No turbulence, or milk accumulation
  • Silicone liner for longevity
  • 10mm ID short milk tube
  • 7.6mm ID short pulse tube
  • Option of simultaneous or alternate pulsation
  • Large bowl volume and 10mm ID short milk tube promote excellent vacuum stability
  • Promotes good udder health


  • ACR cylinder with option of lift to start
  • Cluster removers
  • Milk meters
  • Parlour automatic identification
  • Goat retention system if milk yield not met
  • Option of second exit ramp for segregating animals
  • Variable speed milk pump(s) for 1 and 3 phase electricity supplies
  • Variable speed vacuum pump(s) for 1 and 3 phase electricity supplies
  • Vane vacuum pump and lobe vacuum pump options
  • Herd management software
  • Connection to ATL App
  • Automatic plant washer