HD90G Goat Parlours

ATL are able to provide locking yoke and rapid exit parallel milking parlours suitable to meet the demands and efficiency of modern day goat dairy farming.

The HD90G heavy duty stallwork allows goats to stand at 90 degrees and 375mm centres.
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  • HD90G Locking Yoke Parlour

    The ATL HD90G locking yoke parlour provides the user with efficient solutions to milking goat herds either in a single-sided or double-sided option.

    The parlour is designed for those producers looking for entry into goat milking or those looking at more economic options.

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  • HD90G-RE Rapid Exit Parlour

    The ATL HD90G-RE rapid exit parlour provides a high quality and engineered solution for milking large milking herds efficiently.

    The HD90G-RE is the ideal parlour for maximising space, minimising goat and operator walking distance, and keeping the pit free of clutter.

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