Parlour Gate Control

The ATL parlour gate control allows the operator to open and close gates giving entry or exit to the parlour.

entryexitgatecontrol1 entryexitgatecontrol goat-milk-meter-control-2

Parlour Entry and Exit Gate Control

The Gate Control is designed to control parlour entry and exit gates. A communications bus allows multiple controls to be installed and connected together, with each control mirroring to others and any gate can be operated from any control. It has been designed for long-term reliability and ease of use.


  • 4 buttons, 1 button for each gate
  • 4 LEDs showing whether gate open or closed (green = open, red = closed)
  • 3 different modes of operation – each button operates individual gates, opening entry gate automatically closes exit gate and opening exit gate automatically closes entry gate
  • Can operate 12vDC or 24vDC solenoid valves depending upon the power supply used
  • Cat5e cable used for communications bus
  • Includes mounting bracket and 45mm exhaust clamps
  • Enclosure Dimensions – 120mm x 122mm x 56mm – dimensions do not include glands or switches