E-Pulse Master Pulsation Control

The ATL E-Pulse master pulsation control is simple and easy to use, and is designed for smaller parlours where a cost effective solution is required. It is compatible with most claw, liner and teat cup shell combinations.

The system is designed the fit all types of parlours, new and old, high and low level, and can only be used with cows.

The E-Pulse control has a built-in power supply able to control up to 24 pulsators.
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E-Pulse Master Pulsation Control

Easy to Use:

  • Pulsation settings are adjustable using DIP switches inside the box
  • Factory set precision settings for pulsation rate and ratio
  • Channel ON indicators and channel fault on front panel of E-Pulse control

Precision Control:

  • 64 selectable pulsation frequencies from 50 to 182 pulses per minute (ppm) to control cow, goat and sheep parlours pulsation
  • 16 selectable pulsation ratios from 50:50 to 75:25 (On:Off)
  • Save electricity with the built in 80% efficient switch modem power supply
  • Suitable for any claw pulsation pattern – simultaneous or alternate

Stable Vacuum:

  • E-Pulse control provides 4 different, time shifted pulsation periods for ripple pulsation effect
  • Reduces noise by off setting operation of pulsators
  • Spreads out air consumption and removes vacuum fluctuations

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage – 100-120vAC 50-60Hz or 200-240vAC 50-60Hz switch selectable
  • Output Voltage – Either nominal 12vDC or nominal 24vDC (specified at time of order)
  • Output Connectors – 4 switched negative and common positives for each channel
  • Channel Indicators – Channel ON and channel fault LED indicators for each channel
  • Pulsators/Solenoid Valves – For use with normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
  • Channel Capacity – Maximum 4.5A or 40 watts per channel. Up to 24 pulsators total depending upon pulsator solenoid coil rating
  • Enclosure Dimensions – 160mm x 240mm x 121mm – dimensions do not include glands or switches