CR20 Cluster Remover

The CR20 cluster remover is one of the most useful additions to a milking parlour.

They allow the operator to reduce milking times and improve teat health by automating the removal of the milking cluster from the animals.

They can be used on cow, goat and sheep parlours.

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CR20 Cluster Remover

The CR20 cluster remover includes flow and time-based removal, along with conductivity measurement and pulsation control.

Control Features

  • Simple numeric display of milking time (minutes:seconds) and conductivity (mS – millisiemens)
  • 4 keys – automatic milking, manual milking, wash and conductivity on/off
  • Simple, bright LCD display
  • 5 LED windows for auto milking, pulsation, ACR, milk flow and conductivity milking
  • 2 automatic milking modes – 1 time-based cluster removal and 1 sensor-based cluster removal
  • 3 manual milking modes (ACR disabled, conductivity pull off disabled, ACR and conductivity disabled)
  • Time-based cluster removal does not require a sensor
  • Accurate milk flow measurement for ACR timing
  • Full pulsation control – 30 to 180 pulses per minute (ppm) and 35% to 75% ratios
  • Pulsation stop – pulsator only on when milking or washing
  • Stimulation pulsation
  • Washing pulsation – ability to run pulsation frequency at lower rate during washing to reduce liner wear
  • User programmable wash time
  • Wash time elapsed and remaining displayed (minutes:seconds)
  • User selectable conductivity warning and pull off levels
  • User selectable ACR pull off resistance and time
  • Lift to start ACR cylinder input
  • Automatic idle after user selectable period of inactivity
  • Milk sweep / purge
  • Small form factor, allowing for easy installation into existing parlours
  • Suitable for all herd sizes (small or large)
  • Can be retrofitted into abreast, herringbone or rotary parlours

Sensor Features

  • Free-flowing sensor incorporating shut-off valve
  • The tangential entry and the wide discharge tube allow smooth passage and evacuation of high milk flows
  • The sensor shape reduces vacuum fluctuations
  • The diaphragm shape is designed to prevent accidental closure and allow rapid response, facilitating instant detachment of the milking unit
  • Swirl effect on inside surfaces of sensor induces effective washing
    The vacuum nipple can be positioned in any direction
    Milk inlet and outlet nipples – 21mm x 16mm