CAP Milk Recovery System

The ATL Compressed Air Purge (CAP) milk recovery system allows the user to recover any residue milk in the delivery line.

The system is available on cow, goat and sheep parlours.
cpa-milk-recovery-1 cpa-milk-recovery-2

Compressed Air Purge (CAP) Milk Recovery System

The CAP milk recovery system is a cost effective system for recovering milk from the delivery line after milking. The system injects filtered compressed air into the delivery line near the milk pump, pushing the milk through from the receiver to the tank.

The system includes a food grade stainless steel non-return valve for clean in place (CIP) washing and a 3 stage filter to remove impurities from the compressed air.

The system is available in two formats – a manual system operated by hand or an electronic system operated from the ATL milk pump control – and for three milk delivery line sizes – 32mm, 38.1mm (1.5″) and 50.8mm (2″).

The ATL CAP milk recovery system is available for existing and new parlours