Automatic Plant Washers

ATL has developed a range of Automatic Plant Washers to suit different sizes and types of milking parlours.

They are simple and easy to use and most importantly provide an effective solution to washing the parlour. The large, bright display LEDs are clear and easy to read under most artificial lighting conditions. The casings are IP65 rated and the controls are designed to withstand the harsh parlour environment.

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auto-wash-365-1 plant-washer-idle plant-washer-goat plant-washer pump-box
  • Auto Wash 365

    The Auto Wash 365 from ATL is a simple and easy to use plant wash system that washes the parlour automatically after each milking.

    The control has programmable settings, LED display and has 4 wash programs.

    It is designed for use on small and medium sized parlours.

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  • Auto Wash Pro

    The Auto Wash Pro is the top of the range plant wash system from ATL.

    The control comes with a stainless steel pump box, 8 wash programs and fully programmable wash schedule i.e milk stone wash once a week.

    It is designed for use on any size of parlour.

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