Auto Wash Pro

The Auto Plant Wash Pro is one of the latest products to emerge from ATL. It is a simple and easy to use control, allowing the user to wash their parlour automatically.

It can be used on any type or size of parlour.

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Auto Wash Pro

The Auto Plant Wash Pro from ATL is a simple and easy to use wash controller that washes the parlour automatically after each milking . It provides more consistent and efficient cleaning using less chemical than manual washing irrespective of the operator. The system is programmable and it’s versatility provides an excellent wash to any size or type of milking parlour.

Control Features

  • Fully editable programs and settings allowing Auto Wash Pro to be optimised for every milking parlour
  • Large LED display showing washing status
  • 8 wash programs, including dedicated pre-milking and milk stone program keys
  • Wash schedule can be created and operator just presses the Auto key so no need to remember which day and time a wash should be carried out i.e milk stone wash on Tuesday PM
  • Complete fault code log saved in memory for easier fault traceability

Pump Unit Features

  • Separate stainless steel pump unit keeps electronics and chemicals apart
  • Peristaltic pumps accurately dispenses chemicals at up to 2.5 litres per minute – up to a maximum of 4 pumps
  • Automatic chemical dispensing reduces operator handling of chemicals to a minimum
  • Includes compressed air regulator and compressed air solenoids for the different valves in system

Additional Features

  • Up to 3 temperature sensors – wash trough and return line sensors supplied as standard – 3rd sensor optional
  • Stainless steel pressure level sensor in wash trough – give ultimate control and enables different water levels to be used in different washing cycles and programs
  • Conductivity sensor included to check chemicals have been added to the wash water and warns if not detected
  • Controls up to 2 hot water valves – supplied with 1 x 40mm compressed air operated valve for maximum flow – and 1 cold water valve – supplied with a 12vDC electronic valve with backup manual shut-off
  • Compressed air operated 3 way diversion valve in return line for diverting to drain or wash trough
  • Controls up to 3 vacuum pumps – staggered start of vacuum pumps standard to ease load on 1 phase systems – requires motor starter for each vacuum pump (optional)
  • Link to ATL Milk Meters, Milk Pump Control and AirBlast Control to change mode between wash, milk and idle via one button press
  • Vacuum sensor to monitor vacuum during milking and washing – warning if deviates from set value – controls ATL Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control System via data link
  • Compressed air operated automatic drain valve(s)
  • Optional suck up line valve to control vacuum build up and water ingress into milk lines – compressed air operated
  • Milk pump 1 on and off output – 12vDC – controlled via relay/contactor (not included)
  • Milk pump 2 on and off output – 12vDC – controlled via relay/contactor (not included)
  • Wash slugger control on and off output – 12vDC – controlled via relay/contactor (not included)
  • Master pulsation control on and off output – 12vDC – controlled via relay/contactor (not included)
  • Automatic drain valve output included – 12vDC – vacuum or compressed air operated automatic drain valve(s) optional
  • Wash safety switch output included – 12vDC – wash safety switch optional
  • Milk safety switch output included – 12vDC – milk safety switch optional
  • Wash trough drain valve output included – 12vDC – drain valve and solenoid not included
  • Separation valve output included for recycling wash water to another trough for other use – 12vDC – separation valve not included
  • End of wash output included – 12vDC
  • 5 spare outputs included – 12vDC
  • 2 spare solid state outputs included – up to 24vDC/24vAC
  • 2 spare inputs included – 12vDC


  • Easy to use – just push a program button and the unit will automatically clean the milking parlour for you
  • Electronic system – optimise settings to suit any parlour
  • Consistent cleaning control – temperature, chemical dosing and time are all automatically controlled irrespective of the operator
  • Automatic dosing of liquid detergents – maximises operator safety and prevents excessive use of detergents
  • Wash safety lock – prevents wash start up if milk delivery line connected to milk tank