Air Blast System

The ATL Air Blast System has been designed to assist in the thorough cleaning of large bore milk lines.

The system is designed the fit all types of parlours, new and old, and can be used with cows, sheep or goats.
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Air Blast System

During the cleaning process, a small amount of cleaning solution or rinsing water is drawn into the milk line by vacuum. One end of the milk line, furthest from the vacuum source, is terminated in a solenoid valve, one side of which is open to the atmosphere.

The Air Blast Control opens and closes the solenoid valve; when it opens the sudden inrush of air forces the cleaning solution up and around the walls of the milk line and into the milking point tap-offs, ensuring areas which are not normally in contact with the solution are covered and cleaned. The process is automatically repeated at intervals during the cleaning cycle by adjusting the control’s settings.

The control has two independent channels so may be used in single, branch and looped line parlours, as well as 1 output control water entry into the milk line and 1 output control the air solenoid as described above.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage – 100 – 240vAC 47 – 63Hz
  • Input Protection – 1A 20mm glass fuse, over voltage and over temperature
  • Output Voltage – Nominal 12vDC
  • Output Connectors – Switched negative for each channel and 2 common positives
  • Channel Indicators – Channel ON and channel fault LED indicator for each channel
  • Solenoid Valves – Maximum 0.5A per channel
  • Air Blast Control Enclosure Dimensions – 100mm x 122mm x 86mm – dimensions do not include glands or switches
  • Optional Solenoid Enclosure Dimensions – 80mm x 160mm x 86mm – dimensions do not include glands or switches

A complete kit is available including solenoid valve unit, 2 x shut-off valves and associated tubing.