3 Phase Milk Pump Control

The ATL 3 phase milk pump control is available for all types of parlours and can be used with cows, sheep or goats.


3 Phase Milk Pump Control

About the ATL 3 Phase Milk Pump Control?

The control includes receiving vessel milk level detection using either probes or float switches, a plate cooler water valve delay and a plate cooler bypass valve delay. The plate cooler water valve delay is used to ensure that the cold water flow is maintained through the plate cooler after the milk pump has stopped running. The plate cooler bypass valve delay is used to wash the plate cooler at the start of washing and then bypass it to maintain the wash fluid temperature during the wash. All the facilities have separate potentiometer controls to fine tune the timings. NB – Probes or floats switches are not supplied with the control.

What is different about the ATL 3 Phase Milk Pump Control?

The control uses solid state components as opposed to a mechanical relay or contactor. The solid state output provides many characteristics which are difficult to find in electro-mechanical devices. They have a high degree of reliability, significantly reduced interference, fast response and high vibration resistance. They also have no moving parts to wear out or arcing contacts to deteriorate. When the milk pump motor output switches on, it waits until the mains AC voltage crosses the zero threshold, providing much smoother switch on, reducing switch on noise spikes, and therefore should increase milk pump motor life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage Motor – 400vAC 50/60Hz
  • Input Voltage Control- 230vAC 50/60Hz
  • Milk Pump – 400vAC 3 phase, 2.2kW
  • Plate Cooler Water Valve – 230vAC 1A maximum, 50 watts maximum
  • Plate Cooler Bypass Valve – 230vAC 1A maximum, 50 watts maximum
  • Milk Pump Protection – Overload protection
  • Plate Cooler Water Valve Protection – 1A fuse
  • Plate Cooler Bypass Valve Protection – 1A fuse
  • Probes / Float – 2/3 wire probe / float
  • Milk Pump Run Time – Variable from 5 to 95 seconds
  • Plate Cooler Water Valve Run Time – Variable from 0.5 to 35 seconds
  • Communications Bus – Automatically puts control into milk or wash from ATL system
  • Enclosure Dimensions – 200mm x 300mm x 132mm – dimensions do not include glands or switches