Out of Parlour Feeding

Out of parlour feeding systems offer a flexible method of feeding dairy cows with concentrates and supplements.

With the 'little and often' feed principle, the system should increase the cow's milk production and condition. Individual rations allow easy targeting of high yielders.

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Out of Parlour Feeding

The system is available with either one or two feeders per stall and each stall is fitted with automatic identification technology. Cows are identified from their Allflex HDX ear tag and rations are dispensed as small, uniform portions to minimise unwanted feed and ‘leftovers’. Many of the features are farm set, keeping you firmly in control.

System Features:

  • Up to 12 feed and 3 non-feed periods in any 24 hour cycle – all farm programmable and may be changed at any time
  • Up to 999 cows in 16 groups
  • Easy set up – programming cow records and feed periods is simple and straightforward
  • Cows may have individual rations or each cow in a group may be given the same amount
  • Unconsumed feed averaging feature spreads the uneaten feed in one period evenly over all the remaining periods during the 24 hour cycle preventing ‘gorging’
  • Ration boost facility makes steaming up a simple and economic operation
  • Reports cows that have uneaten rations and automatically flags them for attention on the control
  • Zero running costs when compared to TMR

Feeder and Stallwork Features:

  • Robust galvanised steel body with stainless steel feed pan
  • Stainless steel rivets and fixings used throughout
  • Single revolution auger with non-dribble plate
  • Feed pan ‘roll bar’ for feeder protection
  • Hot dipped galvanised anti-bullying stallwork
  • Rugged 12vDC feeder motor

Cowculator PC Software Additional Features:

  • Feeding to yield and feeding based upon days in milk
  • Number of visits and average number of visits over user set period
  • Daily feed history including eaten and uneaten feed

Reviver Option Available:

  • Uses the feeders and stallwork from old out of parlour feeding systems and connects to the ATL out of parlour feeding system
  • Standard out of parlour system, but does not include the feed stations, stall divisions or cross bars